SEO Guidelines for a Successful Website Migration

SEO Guidelines for a Successful Website Migration
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Website migration is known as one of the biggest challenges for any SEO project because of the high risk of losing rankings and traffic.

However, it’s also a great opportunity to improve your visibility and rankings when you follow the right instructions & process.

Our mission is to share our expertise on SEO Guidelines for a Successful Website Migration.

By end of the whitepaper, you will have discovered all the steps that will guarantee you a successful migration with a big opportunity to improve your website’s performance and traffic.

Key takeaways

  • Introduction to site migration
  • What is site migration?
  • What are the main phases of a site migration process?
  • Types of migration
  • How to prepare for a migration?
  • What to do post migration?
Basma Abou Assaf

Basma has a bachelor degree in computer engineering, she found a passion in how search engines work.
Currently, Basma manages multiple SEO projects for top Middle East brands in various industries including Tourism, Travel, Finance and car rental.
She has successfully developed International SEO strategies to reach an international audience by targeting multiples countries and languages.