An Analysis of Banking Websites in the Gulf Region

An Analysis of Banking Websites in the Gulf Region
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This research paper aims to analyse the marketing websites of regional banks in today’s user-centred digital landscape. The local banking and financial industry are undergoing rapid transformation. With this research paper, we want to start a healthy debate about digital but with “human” insight at the centre.

Key takeaways

  • Banks in the region still have a long way to go to meet international standards.
  • Integral aspects such as accessibility, consistency in terminologies, conversion optimisation and user-focused content strategy is still a work in progress for most banks.
  • Several banks still operate with an ‘inside-out’ mindset. However, to be able to do justice to an ‘outside-in’ approach they need to embrace a true user experience-centred approach.
  • While banks with a significant brand presence are continually focusing on improving their digital image, there appears to be a definite shift happening on enhancing their online banking platform