User Experience (UX)

In keeping with our mission for ultimate design performance, the User Experience (UX) is of paramount importance and we have made that our core strength by marrying an organisation’s business goals with its consumer’s needs.


We partner with our clients and help craft out user journeys for their digital offerings. These are based on the user research and understanding of behavioural patterns of the target users the business is actually providing services to.


Our UX process involves creating & defining Personas (documents that demonstrate the different user groups’ profiles) and evaluate them with end-user behavioural patterns.


We work with clients as well as other agencies to help them structure their offering’s information architecture by categorising, schema mapping and defining a navigation which is intuitive & user friendly.

UX lies in the heart of every deliverable offered by us at RBBi whether it is a mobile app design or a digital performance strategy. We offer several processes by incorporating tried-and-tested methods to suit each and every client’s needs. Our designs are communicated through deliverables such as personas, sitemaps, user flows and wireframes. Our client can be rest assured that every one of our deliverables has been matched against a checklist to analyse if it is useful, desirable, accessible, valuable and above all credible.

At our best, we defend, critique and test decisions for the design together. We are indomitable as a team.


Wireframing – like an architectural blue print is an essential step in any screen design process which help in defining the information hierarchy of the design. We start with sketches, and produce either either high or low fidelity wireframes as per the project requirements.


Our passion for design with performance drives us to craft rich, beautiful and most importantly, usable as well as pleasurable designs that go to create user interfaces for desktop, mobile and tablets. We specialise and needless to say, excel at this!


Service design helps create a consistent experience across the touch points where the organisation and customer intersect. We lead service design initiatives from research and concept phases down to design and prototype recommendations.


We pride ourselves in being meticulous with our delivery – which is why we offer the translation of designs into functional front-end code. Our team’s exemplary knowledge in HTML/CSS coupled with extensive JQuery & AJAX experience help bring our UIs to life.

Conversion Rate Optimisation – CRO

Conversion Optimisation is the science and art of getting a higher percentage of your web visitors to take action and becoming a lead or customer. We dive deep to build a conversion optimization strategy, then comes designing and running all-inclusive A/B/n and Multivariate tests for you.

Product design

Under the UX umbrella, we offer IA services to our clients as well as other digital agencies to create or structure an architecture which ensures that it communicates its product or service in a way that its customers understand.


Our passion to enhance the experience of digital technology for optimum application ensuring successful businesses leads us, time and again, to deliver pleasurable and functional experience for the end-users by reaching out to the organisations, whether for an individual client or team of professionals, by conducting workshops that carry open conversations to inspire curiosity, lend wise solutions based on our invaluable digital experiences.

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