As most of our digital approach is user-centric, our core strengths lie in conducting usability testing and research for organisations and products. We begin with an understanding of the project’s scope within end-goal on reaching compelling, tangible & actionable usability advice. Usability testing also helps in objectifying results and unify teams behind a common achievable goal.

Our team consists of certified usability analysts who have previous experience in conducting in-depth research and testing across digital mediums such as websites, mobile/tablet applications as well as crafting in-store journeys and campaigns for organisations.

Heuristic & Expert Reviews

Heuristic reviews (usability reviews) are carried out by a team of certified usability analysts who also have a in depth knowledge in designing usable and accessible interfaces themselves.

User Testing

Our team consists of qualified User Research experts with tools at our disposal such as Eye-Tracking devices and a dedicated usability lab to carry out usability studies either here in Dubai or regionally.

User Research

We have carried out research across the region ourselves for standalone and as part of the international research. With our affiliation with UXFellows and UXPA we can conduct User Research across the world seamlessly and successfully.

Usability Lab Services

We’ve built a state-of-the art, dedicated Usability Lab within our offices which help brands and agencies alike to thoroughly test their project requirements and to conduct in-depth tests. The lab features dedicated eye-tracking equipment, completely with a participant and an observation room along with high-end digital recording setup that allows clients to conduct a complete end-to-end research.

Ethnography Research

We also offers ethnography studies to cover an in-depth view of customers’ motivations and behaviours, putting them into the context of their day-to-day lives at home, in the work place or out and about.

Experience Audit

Our experienced certified usability analysts also assist organisations in conducting complete experience audits to validate the digital project’s goal and understand the target users by formulating experience journeys and inspecting usability issues and finally giving tangible recommendations to solve the problems.

Competitive Analysis

Our consuting team can also conduct comprehensive competitive analysis for organisation’s digital project – ranging from websites, mobile/tablet apps and even products which helps in determining how to improve the organisation’s reach and usability.

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