User Research & Usability

User Research & Usability's key aim is to to achieve an in-depth understanding of users, the market and the business itself to create a solid base of evidence

All of the information gathered through our User Rearch and Usability work, will help you to make informed strategic and design decisions that will eventually lead to a solution you can confidently say caters to your target user's needs.

What problems can we solve?

  • Creating a solid product/ service roadmap
  • Knowing what your customer's really want and expect
  • Understanding what your competitors are doing
  • Knowing where you are going wrong or right

We often notice that what users 'do' vs what they 'say' are very different, so by using our approach we can get a true understanding of what your customers or stakeholders really do want and need.

The research we do supports various strategical goals of your business and can help understand your problems and opportunities in great depth and form a clear picture of what needs to be improved or developed.

What do the User Research & Usability team do?

The User Research and Usability team really help in the initial stages of a project to ensure you are on the right track and are armed with informed evidence and insights, but the team are there throughout the development to understand user’s behavior, patterns and paint-points in different channels and platform of their interaction.

Here are the different research methodologies we use:

One-to-one user research/usability study

Focus Groups

Ethnography Study

Competitor’s Analysis

Benchmark Analysis


Dairy Studies

Expert Review / Heuristic Analysis

Business Requirements/Stakeholder’s workshop & Vision

Card Sorting/Information architecture audit

How do we do it?

We use different research methods to ensure we get the right data and insights to form the best design decision.

We have carried out research across the MENA region for standalone and as part of the international research. Our team of experts are truly skilled to conduct, coordinate and analyze qualitative and quantitative research and provide informed recommendations to help grow your business and enhance the overall user experience. In addition, we also offer ethnography studies to cover an in-depth view of customers’ motivations and behaviours, putting them into the context of their day-to-day lives at home, in the work place or out and about.

Throughout the phases of experience design, we validate with real user’s of your product and service. We have a fully equipped usability lab, where we invite target users to validate the concept, design, structure of your platform. This gives an in-depth analysis of how your users think and act. Our experts will analyze the data and provide recommendations to help enhance the experience of your product.

Our consulting team can also conduct comprehensive competitive analysis for your digital project – ranging from websites, mobile/tablet apps and even products which helps to determine how to improve the organisation’s reach and usability.

Our experienced certified usability analysts can also assist you in conducting complete experience audits to validate the project’s goal and also understand target users by creating experience journeys and inspecting usability issues before giving tangible recommendations to solve any problems.

We’ve built a state-of-the art, dedicated Usability Lab within our offices which help brands and agencies alike to thoroughly test their project requirements and to conduct in-depth tests. The lab features dedicated eye-tracking equipment, complete with a participant and an observation room along with high-end digital recording setup that allows clients to conduct a complete end-to-end research. Our usability lab is also mobile, which supports conducting testing and study in different regions.

Who have we helped?

Spotify wanted to enter the middle-eastern market and needed to conduct user testing and diary studies to understand the behavior and patterns of the users to introduce an Arabic experience. We also consulted on things to consider while designing for an Arabic interface.

We worked with Marriott & Ritz Carlton and CX Partners UK to conduct a user research and analysis throughout the region in four countries to understand usage patterns and trends in hotel booking among different user profiles. This was followed up by annual Usability Study of their digital channels including the local website.

With the e-commerce rising in the middle east, Farfetch wanted to make sure the experience is as per the user’s expectations and match their values.

To achieve this, we needed to make sure users were involved in the process and that a benchmark analysis was done, to note the features and functionalities that were available on competitor sites in the region along with providing design guidelines for developing an Arabic interface.

Key contact information

Shikha Devadiga
Head of UX Operations and Research

Born and brought-up in the UAE region, Shikha has her pulse on the regional audience dynamics. Shikha is a certified HFI Usability Analyst. Sharp analytical skills, project management & usability insights are her strong points. Her portfolio in of work includes RTA, National Bank of Dubai (NBAD), Marriott, MAF Properties and Finance, Atlantis, Givenchy, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB), SkyNews Arabia and Toyota


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