Paid Media

Paid media is more than just the ads you see dotted around the internet.

With a human-centered and integrated approach, paid media is best-suited to deliver short-term results and insights that can make a sizeable impact on your overall business.

Whether it is PPC, Facebook advertising or programmatic advertising our team is equipped with the knowledge and technology to achieve big using these digital marketing techniques.

What problems can we solve?

  • Audience and creative research
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Channel planning that makes business sense
  • Campaign activation
  • Understanding the best media mix for your audience

Digital marketing is becoming more and more complex every day , but we can help.

We can help you to realise the best placement, timing and strategy to really speak to your audience, and we work closely with the content and analytics teams to get this right.

What do the Paid Media team do?

From digital media strategy development through to campaign activation we offer a wide range of specialist services across a number of channels:


Facebook advertising

Instagram adverstising



Snapchat ads

Programmatic display

As we said, we don't just create ads. However we do work really closely with our Content and Analytics teams to make sure that what we are placing, will engage and convert.

We also conduct on-going human and automatic optimisations and performance reporting across all of the above channels.

How do we do it?

Our approach to solving our clients’ challenges shares many similarities with other Rbbi departments. This is to ensure our joint efforts make the biggest impact.

From the very beginning, we identify the most appropriate and efficient digital media platforms that we need to prioritise for your business, and make sure these are matched to the digital media and marketing strategy.

Just like with anything else, we start off with the foundations;

  • Who are our audience?
  • Has the tracking infrastructure been set up?
  • What are we measuring?
  • How often are we reporting?
  • How will we optimise it?
Who have we helped?

Jazeera Airways: As a low-cost airline it was crucial for them to find someone who would drive high-volume conversions at a designated cost per action and we managed to do not just that in the first year of our partnership but helped Jazeera Airways exceed digital revenue by 16%!

Unilever Food Solutions: This iconic brand has a global B2B presence helping their target audience in the food business grow and have seamless supply chains. Rbbi took on the challenge of delivering engagement results and leads in multiple regions.

Key contact information

Bence Banthi
Head of Paid Media

Bence has a decade of experience in digital media advertising, performance marketing and consultancy. During his career he’s worked at various agencies and worked on a variety of industries that have made him into the veteran and well-versed paid media pro he is today.
He has a keen eye for the details without losing sight of the strategic direction every agency should take with their clients.


Drop us a line and we will get back to you with more information.