XD (Experience Strategy & Design)

Experience Design is bigger than UX, although we do that too. We look at the bigger picture, the whole experience, to work to uncover and address any business needs or problems by researching and understanding the context of the business, the relevant market, and its users.

Our solutions are always driven and informed by data and are 100% human centered.

What problems can we solve?

  • Auditing faulty platforms that need improvement
  • Improving usability
  • Overhauling a failing digital system
  • Reviewing and designing a digital strategy

Our aim is to focus on the opportunity and use insight and human centred data to improve and build on that opportunity, to ensure what you create whether it's a product or a service experience, is geared and ready for success.

What do the Experience Design team do?

Experience Design covers a lot of services and skills, so we need to make sure we have everybody included and briefed to get the best out of a project.

So, we assemble the most equipped teams from across RBBi to tackle the problem that you are facing.

Some of the key methods we use are:

Design thinking

Agile working

Iterative development

Journey mapping

Rapid prototyping

Stakeholder workshops

How do we do it?

We believe that every problem calls for a personalized set of tools and processes, when it comes to Experience Design.

Nevertheless, we implement a 5 step high-level approach that looks something like this:

  1. Framing the business ask and its context,
  2. Researching the market and the users.
  3. Strategy development that will guide...
  4. Design
  5. Track & Revise where we closely monitor KPIs, listen to the users and realign with the business to optimize the solution.
Key contact information

Shikha Devadiga
Head of UX Operations and Research

Born and brought-up in the UAE region, Shikha has her pulse on the regional audience dynamics. Shikha is a certified HFI Usability Analyst. Sharp analytical skills, project management & usability insights are her strong points. Her portfolio in of work includes RTA, National Bank of Dubai (NBAD), Marriott, MAF Properties and Finance, Atlantis, Givenchy, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB), SkyNews Arabia and Toyota


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