Content is a word you hear a lot in the age of social media and online editorial. It comes in many forms; copy, video, blogs, advertisements. The list goes on.

What we focus on is specifically understanding what your users need throughout the whole journey, developing a strategy to answer that and then creating the most relevant form of content on the most relevant channel.

What problems can we solve?

Inconsistent tone of voice

Inconsistent visuals and feel

Underperforming websites

Documentation to support content governance

Weak content structure or hierarchy

Content goal setting and tracking

Understanding your audience

Creating user first content

Standing out from the crowd

Our Content team is keen on partnering with you to get the best return. So that means that we may challenge your approach if we know there is a better, more human way to do it.

We really want to help you create a strategy and bank of content that will work and resonate with your audience, and therefore your businesses.

What do the Content team do?

From content auditing through to script writing, our team are experts and can offer the full end to end content development but with a focus on strategy.

Here are a few of things we do really well:

Content Audit: If you want to know how your content is performing overall, this is where can really help. We use both a qualitative and quantitative approach to reviewing your content based on your objectives.

Content Strategy: Working with SEO, UX and Analytics teams as well as your business, we focus on the planning, creation, delivery and governance of content. Content not only includes the words on the page but also the images and multimedia that are used. You must have useful and usable content, that is well structured, and easily found to improve the user experience of a website.

Content production: Whether you're looking for a whitepaper or monthly blog, we can help with that. Our team of writers work with our SEO and Analytics teams to understand what is trending, how people are talking about it and how tbey are consuming content.

Translation: We have an in-house Arabic translator who was born and raised in the UAE and has worked on healthcare clients through to airline brands.

How do we do it?

We always take a human first approach to everything we do, so before create any strategy, audit or piece of content we take a deep dive into what our users behaviours and wants and needs, then we follow this process:

How is your website performing? Are there some good assets on there? What is your tone of voice? What are your objectives?

Identify your content pillars, key content types, content governance like your tone of voice and style guides

This could be copywriting, video production, scriptwriting... whatever your audience needs

What is performing well? Are we meeting your target? Do we need a content lifecycle?

Review all content and understand how we can improve priority pages or designs to meet the audiences wants and needs.

Lots of work and research runs across these five phases with a blend of creativity and user understanding underpinning this.

Who have we helped?

Landmark Group: We helped Landmark Group to speak to a younger female audience and increase sales via a beautifully designed and copywritten blog.

Majid Al Futtaim - Mall of the Emirates: We reviewed the editorial and readability of the MOE website and worked to improve the scoring by copywriting and restructuring content on the page, so it was fit for purpose

Key contact information

Jennifer Wright
Head of Content

Jen began her career in the UK but has also lived in the US, Australia and now the UAE working across many industries including, Healthcare, Retail, Telecommunications, Fashion and Consulting. She has over 10 years experience working in content, both consultancy side and client side, from copywriting through to content management and specialises in building creative content strategies that genuinely drive ROI.


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