Analytics covers the end to end journey that businesses need to make confident decisions.

Theres is such a thing as too much data, so knowing what to do with it is crucial. Ensuring data collection is setup correctly is the foundation of any business and will allow your business to move towards advanced solutions like data visualization, advanced analytics use cases, predictive modelling & data science.

Our team has skills and tools in house to deliver & consult on the end to end data journey to ultimately assist with increasing ROI and conversion rate.

What problems can we solve?

Robust data reporting

Improving trust of internal data

Alignment of multiple data sets

Creating a single view of the customer

Mapping the end- to end customer journey

Predicting behaviours

Improving conversion

From creating a 360 view to using data to predict, our Data and Analytics team will look after and solve the technical challenges you face .

We continually see that businesses operate with data in silos and are faced with the challenge of aligning all data sets. The idea is to create a single view of the customer and a 360 degree reporting view for the best results. This is something we can support you on from the very beginning.

The great thing is, once we have that clear visibility of your customer & consistent reporting we can move to prediction & data science use cases to help drive the delivery of KPI’s.

What do the Data and Analytics team do?

The Analytics team are part of every step of the journey to make sure that your digital business is performing at it's best through testing and optimisation. Here's a quick view of what we do:

  • Build Data Architecture
  • Predict & Forecast sales & user behavior
  • Visually represent complex data in a simple way

The most important factor is to make data and analyitcs accessible to all, so we will present data to you in words that make sense and visual guides that bring the data to life, so you can make confident business decisions.

How do we do it?

We use a variety of tools to ensure we meet your business objective in the most efficient and informed way.

Google Analytics & Google Analytics 360 is the primary choice for data collection.

Alteryx is our partner and primary choice. Alteryx allows us to deliver significant value at speed with in house data science resource & advanced integration functionality.

Tableau & Power BI are our go to tools to make data accessible.

Who have we helped?

We have helped a range of clients across varying industries to improve their data and analytics capabilities, including Al Futtaim Automotive, Extra Stores Saudi Arabia, Unilever, Chalhoub Group.

Each client's objective is different, however the data and analytics advice, support and information has helped all of the above clients to improve their business.

Key contact information

Byron Gavin
Head of Analytics

Our resident Australian and Analytics guru has over 10 years experience across a range of industries with a focus on Ecommerce, Finance & Automotive.
Byron specializes in building and understanding complex data architecture and delivering advanced analytics use cases that increase business value as a result of focus on data & conversion rate optimization.


Drop us a line and we will get back to you with more information.