SEO & Content Development

Transparent and results-driven, our SEO team aim to rectify the search engine optimisation issues you may be facing and make SEO an integral part of your marketing strategy.

From local search and internationalisation to penalty removals and technical SEO audits, we will investigate the causes for your setbacks, develop suitable strategies to rectify them and realise incremental gains in performance.

Our services look to capitalise on the potential of your business and help make SEO a key element of your overall marketing strategy.

RBBi is a multilingual SEO agency based in Dubai with a zero outsourcing policy. We strive to develop a true understanding of what makes a business tick and implement effective SEO strategies to help them grow and compete effectively online.

Work with RBBi and gain the satisfaction of tapping into a resource that can help you develop a successful online business. You will work with a dedicated specialist who will be the actual person handling your account in our offices in Dubai. Available on the phone from Sunday to Thursday, your specialist will meet you face-to-face on a monthly basis, and will strive to become an integral part of your own marketing team.

Our Approach to SEO

We pride ourselves on not only our comprehensive knowledge of the SEO process but also the results we deliver for our partners. Every member of the RBBi SEO team specialises solely in SEO. We live and breathe it, staying on top of our game when it comes to the latest industry updates.

When you are assigned a specialist to work with you, you’re not getting a "jack of all trades", but rather a true SEO professional with the in-depth knowledge needed to help you to compete effectively in search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu and Yahoo!.

Technical SEO &
Performance Audit

Invested a large amount of time and capital into SEO but still waiting to see real results? Have you seen a drop in performance for no apparent reason?

RBBi can help shed light on your situation with a comprehensive SEO audit carried out by a dedicated SEO specialist based in our office in Dubai.

Strategy Development

Have a budget for SEO but unsure of the way forward? Want to capitalise on your site’s potential but need help understanding your priorities?

Our multi-lingual SEO team will work with you to define a truly bespoke SEO strategy. We will help you identify your immediate needs and develop a longer-term strategy designed to deliver success.

Content Marketing & Link Building

We also deliver quality content marketing and link building activity. Our work is in line with industry best practice and is designed to engage and connect with potential customers.

The RBBi SEO team can help you leverage what makes your brand unique and deliver a variety of activities designed to increase awareness and drive performance.

International SEO Experience

A challenging aspect of any SEO campaign is developing an effective internationalisation strategy. Giving search engines the right signals about the relevance of your content in relation to chosen markets, can deliver significant improvements in organic traffic and ROI.

If you’re looking to improve your visibility across a number of search engines and markets then RBBi is fully equipped to take on this challenge with you.

Our in-house specialists are native speakers in the language they are expected to optimise for and are currently delivering campaigns in the following:

  • English
  • Arabic
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Russian
Backlink Analysis & Penalty Removal

Have you invested in low quality link building and have no idea why your site’s organic rankings have suddenly disappeared? Even worse still, have you opened your Google Search Console account and been slapped with a dreaded manual penalty?

The RBBi SEO team is here to help and can develop a strategy designed to quickly remove the penalty, win back the trust of Google, and improve your online visibility.

We have experience of cleaning-up link profiles and removing penalties, both in the UAE and UK … but rest assured, none of these sites were actually our clients before the penalty :-)

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