RBBi Usability Lab

Region's first Usability Lab since 2011, understanding regional users with empathy.

We opened the region’s first Usability lab at a time when the word “usability” was scarce in the region. In a way, we take pride in introducing and bringing usability practices to the region.

Since inception, we’ve conducted several usability audits, UX audits, CX audits along with extensive user research for many regional and international clients across government entities and private organisations.

RBBi’s Usability Lab and it’s history

Amol and Dev were applying usability principles by conducting eye-tracking and user research way before they founded RBBi. In fact, RBBi came into existence largely due to the need they saw within the region.

While many of today’s digital agencies have turned themselves as advocates of Usability, Lab, Research, Users, etc. RBBi’s inception was based on the fundamental core of Usability, UX and User Research. So we were born User Centric. Today, RBBi’s lab has been a guiding light for many new agencies and TRA (UAE’s telecom regulatory body) for whom, we set-up and ran a lab for all UAE federal entities to test their digital platforms.


Region’s First Usability Lab at RBBi


Audits and Heuristics Reviews Done Since 2011


Real User Interviews Since 2011


User Research Projects Since Inception

RBBi’s user experience research labs provide an ideal environment for a wide range of research methods.

RBBi’s Usability Lab offers you the flexibility to research a range of products, from paper prototypes and mobile apps through to physical devices or spaces, as well as to run accessibility research using assistive technologies.

We can set up our rooms to accommodate interviews or focus groups, providing you with video recordings and/or live streaming of these sessions and allowing your team to watch securely from the observation room or in your office.


Our aim is to focus on the opportunity and use insight and human centred data to design a full digital experience.


We want to achieve an in-depth understanding of users, the market and the business itself to create a solid base of evidence to inform decisions.


We take a user centered approach to SEO creating solid website is fit for people and search engines.


Our team has skills and tools ie to deliver & consult on the end to end data journey to improve and accelerate your business.

People Who Trust Us with User Research

  • Spotify
  • RTA
  • Marriott
  • MAF
  • Carrefour
  • Etisalat
  • Farfetch
  • Google
  • Unilever
  • Sony
  • Amazon


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