RBBi Labs

To be true to our mission – to make this region more user friendly, we launched this concept called RBBi Labs. RBBi Labs is a place where we collaborate, not just internally but with anybody and everybody who has a spark or an idea to change the world. We nurture these ideas and give them the right insights, tools and expertise to succeed.


Most ideas and their owners look for seed funding to get them off the ground. We don’t claim to do that. We have the know-hows, passion and hunger to excel which like to share and work with these ideas to bring them to life.

Our UX knowledge and practices allow the idea to flourish in an organic way, keeping it relevant to the user while still being original to that first germ.


This is the first project we undertook under RBBi Labs. The sheer passion to create something for kids got us interested and along with Focus Kids Communication Pvt. Ltd in India we created this ecosystem for kids in the sub-continent.

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