Performance Marketing

We love data at RBBi, and this is the most critical element underpinning our approach to performance marketing from strategy development to optimisation of campaigns. We specalise in bringing results for our clients, whatever their objectives and we strive to study and understand our clients businesses to create a true partnership.


Search Engine Marketing (aka Paid Search, SEM, PPC) can be a highly effective digital channel and is often  one of the most profitable solutions for many businesses. However, without proper management and an optimisation plan it is easy to waste a huge portion of your budget without even knowing it. At RBBi, we know how important it is to get the detail right and we strive to deliver the apt strategy for your business combined with a hands-on, granular approach to optimisation.


Every business is different and we partner with you, our client, to develop a deep understanding of your requirements, KPI’s and market.

We make decisions based on your actual business plan and goals, not just on clicks and lead volume. Every decision we make is driven by data to ensure we make continuous adjustments and improvements.

SEM Optimisation

At RBBi, we appreciate and value the importance of getting the basics right in your SEM campaign, something that many fail to do.

Whilst maintaining a close eye on all account basics we also ensure that we include the right strategy and targeting, ensuring that you only pay for relevant traffic and maximise your ROI.


We know how time consuming effective bid management and campaign admin can become.

We are experienced in all bid management and optimisation platforms. We recommend the right technology to help manage your accounts and ensure that time is focused on providing actionable insights, strategies and implementing new tactics.

International Search

Google Adwords is arguably the most famous and significant PPC platform. However, for many markets such as China and Russia, there are other engines that can be used successfully to gain traction in these regions.

While we have a deep understanding of the major engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, we also provide PPC services on Yandex (Russia), Baidu, 360, Sogou (China), Naver (Korea) and others.

Our Relationship With Google

Our strong relationship with Google ensures that we are always amongst the first in the region to have access to trial new betas and products. Therefore we are ahead of the curve (and your competitors) when it comes to implementing new and upcoming betas and extensions.

Display Advertising

Your display advertising strategy should always be intrinsically linked to your core KPIs and business strategy. The sheer scope and volume of display advertising means that careful planning and execution is a MUST for placement selection, targeting methodology, creative development and technology. We partner with our clients to make display a profitable channel, not merely a branding exercise.

Display Strategy

We are expert at getting you in front of the right audience, at the right time and with that all-important right message.

Creating a solid strategy from the outset is key to identifying where we need to be and how we are going to get there. Campaigns are constantly optimised and evolved to channel your budget into the best performing areas and ensure that the highest value leads or sales are delivered.

Direct Media Buys

Sometimes the best way to get you on the right sites for your highly targeted audiences is to directly purchase regional media.

We have relationships with all major and many specialised publishers in the region. We can help craft your display media plan to ensure you are reaching the right people with the right context for the most competitive pricing.

Third Party Exchanges & RTB

We use third party exchanges such as the Double Click ad exchange to take advantage of real-time marketplaces to help maximise ROI across millions of sites. By using programattic bidding methods in real time we can help you reach the right people, reduce wastage and increase ROI.


Social media sites boast record visitor numbers and elevated engagement levels and as such can be the perfect place to target and engage with your audience. However, getting it right can be tricky. At RBBi we can help you identify the best platform and the right strategy to reach the right audience.

Social media advertising

We specialise in the creation and execution of a range of campaign strategies to help you maximise your success on social media. We have the relevant experience in all major social platforms from Facebook and Twitter to YouTube. We can also help with paid promotions on more specialised platforms such as VK in Russia or Weibo in China.

As a performance-based agency we are skilled in utilising social media for direct response, not simply a brand-building activity.

Our Approach

Every paid social strategy we implement is completely tailored to your business and your unique requirements. We ensure we select the platforms and tactics that will help you meet your goals in the most effective way – whether that is behavioural, socio-economic and interest-based targeting or integration with your CRM to profile similar audiences to your existing customer base.


We also have a strong background in retargeting using social media. We can integrate with your CRM to use your existing data to create sophisticated up-selling strategies and we even partner with technology providers to use your customers facebook IDs to market to them on other platforms and cross device. We can remarket on multiple networks and use highly targeted tactics to deliver the right ad to the right person, based on their previous behaviour.


How many of your visitors don’t convert or take any action on your website? For most, this percentage is extremely high so the right strategy and tactics are essential to re-engage with these users, often with a stronger and highly-targeted message.

At RBBi we work on rendering highly-targeted campaigns and ensuring that you re-engage with the right users to reduce wastage and increase profitability.

Remarketing Strategy

While we understand the importance of remarketing to those users who did not convert on your website, we also know the importance of identifying which of those users have strong potential by identifying their user behaviour on site – reducing wastage and increasing your efficiency overall.

Segmentation is the key for success in remarketing, ensuring the user is delivered the right contextual messaging and in the right format that will strengthen your brand and product in their decision making process.


We utilise a variety of platforms in our remarketing strategies – from the Google Display Network, social platforms such as Facebook and by using third party technology and networks such as AdRoll.

This ensures that you expand your remarketing reach to maximise success.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

We also specialise in search remarketing on Google. By identifying visitors in the research and decision-making stages we can deliver to them a more targeted ad or special offer based on their previous on-site behaviour.

We can also use remarketing for search to inform our bidding strategy – spending more on users we have identified as strong prospects, or even identifying users who are ‘shopping around’ and implementing competitor bidding strategies.

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