RTA UX Review

Usability Audit and UI Enhancements for 4 Popular RTA Apps

RTA and RBBi teamed up first time on this project to review four of the most popular
apps that RTA has. RBBi’s role was to understand these apps and look at these from a end user’s
perspective. Objective was to achieve quick wins by addressing glaring usability issues, cleaning up the
interface in terms of usability, iconography, and task optimization without affecting the overall
functionality of the app.

Documenting the Journeys

As a first step we documented paths users would
take while performing the
most critical tasks for each of these apps.

This also included understanding the technical accepts such APIs, business cases
and technical limitations by having detailed workshops with RTA teams.

rta dubai app
rta dubai user interface
rta dubai booking
rta dubai key features
rta smart parking
rta smart drive
rta sharekni
rta smart taxi

Analysing the data and ratings

It was time to get real users involved. We got a mix of demographics based on the
app usage to come to our Usability Lab and use these apps. These participants, were given real tasks to
perform on these apps while we used Eyetracking and Cognitive Walkthrough methods to get user insights.
The test data along with heatmaps was analysed for user patterns and usability hurdles. Expert review
discovered gaps in heuristic standards. User ratings and insights were documented.

rta observations
rta first impressions
rta observations and possible solution
rta user ratings
rta interviewed participants
rta identified hurdles

Benchmarking User Behaviour

Users are used to certain labels, icons, features, user journeys and patterns across various apps with
similar features and functionality. One of the aims was to to explore and understood these patterns to
avoid reinventing the wheel and provide user’s an experience which depends more on recognition that

rta benchmarking apps
rta benchmarking apps
rta benchmarking apps
rta benchmarking apps

Design and Functional Solutions

With all these inputs from the expert reviews, test results and user insights, subtle but essential
tweaks were carried out to critical tasks and UI designs to improve usability of these apps. Features
and technical enhancements were documented based on user’s inputs.

rta mobile app designs
rta pay parking fee
rta identified hurdles enhancements
rta on boarding settings