Using business intelligence to improve lead quality


Best Performance Campaign MENA Digital Awards, 2016

One of our oldest clients, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) – we launched a brand new web platform for them
in 2015. By 2016, ADIB had increased its minimum monthly salary requirements to AED 8,000 to target a
more affluent UAE demographic. All leads generated on the site were going to the call center to qualify
these leads.

These changes presented a new set of challenges. Traditional digital marketing approach was to ensure
that it generates high volumes of ‘leads’. However, with very little or no visibility of the complete
funnel the quality of these leads was always a question mark.

More Data, Better Visibility
to Maximise the Conversion

The need was to get better understanding of the entire sales funnel for the bank. Visbility of the leads
after these are handed over to the call centre / sales team and to monitor the conversion at the last
mile. This data was needed to observe the quality and optimise the marketing efforts to improve it on a
on-going basis.

Shedding light on the black-hole


Fiercely competitive banking industry resulting in high cost of CPL and clutter


Divergence of lead data between digital activity and call center


Limited visibility of lead conversion and quality of leads along with the attribution

Reaching Relevant
Audiences at Different
Stages of
their Banking

adib title slide
    • Understand the user per product and define more targeted user profile
    • Maximise reach by targeting users most likely to convert into
      profitable customers
    • Keep high visibility across platforms – Search, Display, Social and
      Video while maintaining the performance in mind
    • Following seasonality/trends to maximize performance
    • Avoid budget wastage through deep optimisation
    • Re-look at quality of leads from affiliates and define quality
  • Define different strategy for different products that the bank has to offer
adib slide stages of banking decision

Reporting & Analysis for Informed Channel
Attribution / Selection

Digital Marketing is no more a auto-pilot after the campaign is launched. We need to constantly
monitor, analyse and optimise it to get the best results.

We created automated dashboards that link leads from generation to conversion.

Using insights from the quality of leads generated was central to our strategy to define the best
performing platforms and seasonality for ADIB

Keeping always-on activity on SEM & we selected affiliates, whilst using a very granular
structure to prioritise products based on seasonality

adib example analysis for informed channels

Weekly Dashboards to Make Sense of Relevant Data

Our team prepared a consolidated dashboard with the of the bank data and campaign data to keep
the optimisation live and current.

This was also available for the client to have visibility across products and monitor the

adib dashboard

Measurable Results

This new approach towards digital marketing increased the number of qualified
leads for the bank. The focus moved to the quality of leads, CPL and the conversion rate rather than just number of leads.


Increase Customer
life-time value


Increase in verified
leads resulting in


Increase in conversion
rate across products