Data & Analytics

Here, we know that it’s no longer about BIG DATA, is about THE RIGHT DATA and FAST DATA.

Getting the relevant data to the right people at the right time; providing the stimulos for further focused analysis – This is the RBBi Analytics Vision.

The real purpose of big data is to enable big analytics and it so follows that the real story is more about ANSWERS rather than data. Once you aggregate the data you then have to ask really tough questions.


Marketing has evolved from a creative process into a highly data-driven process.
Digital Fitness runs regular scans across every inch of the portfolio, from websites and widgets to social and mobile. It identifies, prioritises and reports on problems. Not only does this help improve the digital ROI, it also helps to increase the return on the portion of the media aimed at driving traffic online.

We identify what questions are important to you and ensure the right systems are in place and configured to capture that data.

Digital Funnel control

Our on-job services involve completing comprehensive audits of digital capabilities across business divisions and geographies, and benchmarking against market best practice and key competitors Implementing and enforcing standards that deliver maximum impact

Funnel optimisation

Here, we go about Improving and optimising the performance of your site or campaign by making changes based on data A/B, Multivariate testing, Personalisation: Dynamic landing pages and Content targeting

Attribution models

Are you attributing all your revenue to the last click in the customer journey? Is it fair to discount that first click on Facebook or the 3rd click on PPC?

At RBBi we help you to identify what channels really played a crucial role in that significant transaction to allow you to allocate your precious marketing budget in the right way and optimise your actitivty across all channels to increase your ROI and online performance.

Reporting & Dashboards

Here we dig in Getting the relevant data, to the right people, at the right time; providing the stimulus for further focused analysis

Customer behavior analysis

Definition and evaluation of the end-to-end customer experience

Web analytics audit

It is a systematic and independent examination of data, statements, records, operations and performances of different platforms & tools. We collect evidence, evaluate the same and on this basis formulate our judgment which is communicated through our audit report. We steer you skillfully through all the processes

Web analytics customisation

Can you confidently say you’re your analytics platform is delivering accurate information in an efficient way to your business?

We help Identify what metrics are important and ensure the right systems are in place and configured to capture and deliver that data.

Design based on data

Here, we redesign the key customer journeys on desktop and mobile, following internal methodologies and best practices thereby maximising customer experience

RBBi’s Analytics Products

At RBBi we always innovate. We developed two new solutions in the industry, able to answer most of the questions of our clients.

RBBi Products help you uncover business opportunities and successes by turning customer interactions into actionable insights. With the market-innovative solution, you can better understand the customer’s entire journey.

We use 360-degree customer views, powerful predictive models, and algorithmic cross-channel attribution to drive your digital marketing.

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