Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

A data-centric approach to book appointment easier

RBBi has been working with CCAD since the pre-launch of the hospital in 2012. Being the complete digital partner for the hospital, we have been managing all aspects of CCAD’s digital presence. The challenge was to further optimise the performance of the already successful web platform.

CCAD’s website was designed with a complete user centered process and had gone through regular updates to match all qualitative research findings from users. The most important KPI of the website was it’s ‘Book an Appointment’ feature which was drawing leads for the hospital. The challenge was to optimise the coversion of this CTA.

Setting the KPIs

As every other task or project we started with setting the objectives and KPIs for this. Increasing the leads was the sole KPI we set for ourselves and overhaul the navigation process was the secondary target.


Improve Conversion Rate of
the ‘Book an Appointment’


Redesign the
Sub-Navigation to Support

Analysing Every
Aspect of the ‘Now’

First step was to analyse the current situation using a combination of different methods to get all aspects of the data covered. An Expert Audit and Analytics Review was used to set the base brief for all the teams.

ccad example of expert audit

Test, Review & Repeat

Setting the Test Cycle in Place

Two different variants of the top navigation and ‘Book an Appointment’ module were designed, developed and implemented using VWO on to the live website. The team had to now wait to collect enough data to analyse the take decisions.

vwo logo


Create Hypothesis


Design Test Options


Setup Test Cycle


Preform A/B Testing


Monitor Data

Let The Numbers
Do The Talking

Critical design decisions are often taken with personal choices however, with our scientific methods of conducting CRO cycles, we were able to get number to make these decisions.

At the end of test cycle numbers and conversion rate showed best working solution for both English and Arabic versions of the website on all platforms

ccad example for test cycle numbers and conversion rate

Measurable Results

Appointment booking from the website saw a significant uplift once we implemented the best performing version across the site after the test cycle was complete.


Increase in conversion
for the English version of
the website


Increase in conversion
for the Arabic version of
the website