Where to begin...

RBBi opened its doors in 2011 when our co-founders, Dev and Amol, took the leap to open the first UX led digital solutions company in the Middle East.

Who knew that we would grow from just 2 people to a team of nearly 60 team members from all around the world? It's taken dedication, constant learning and solid partnerships to get us here... and we're really proud of what RBBi has become.

All things digital from U to X

We started out with User Experience (UX), Usability Testing (UT) and a totally ethical approach as our bread and butter; learning how users work, their wants and needs and how to create a truly seamless journey.

But time has moved on, customer expectations have increased and the evolution of technology happened (and is still happening!) at break neck speed.

So, as well as being the leaders in UX and UT we now look at the bigger picture and place people at the very heart of creating a full digital experience . From understanding data and using insight to create engaging content, through to designing a whole new product based on business and customer need.

We really are a full service, honest and ethical digital agency.

What we believe in

We've always wanted RBBi to be different... in a good way!

An agency that truly puts users' needs first.

An agency that looks at the bigger picture in every project undertaken and creates a solution rather than sell one part of the story.

An agency that asks: "How can we marry business needs with user needs?"

A people-first agency. A better place to work with a genuinely collaborative culture, which in turn creates the best work for our partners.

We know our audience

We never forget that Arabic is the native language for a lot of our partners and customers in the region, so we have hired and nurtured local talent to properly service this. Did you know that over a third of our team at RBBi are native arabic speakers and writers? Well, now you do!

Partner with us and work with the best international and local talent.


Drop us a line and we will get back to you with more information.

  • Amol


  • Devesh


  • Caroline


  • Andrew


  • Minesh

    Head of Business Development & Client Relations

  • Naguib

    Head of Marketing

  • Steffi

    Senior Finance and HR Manager

  • Arash

    Head Of Experience Strategy & Design

  • Shikha

    Head of Research and Strategy

  • Jennifer


  • Bence


  • Basma Abou Assaf


    Head of SEO

  • Byron

    Head of Data and Analytics

  • lisa


    Talent Acquisition Manager

  • Anna


  • Alaa


    Content Specialist

  • Alexandra


    UX Project Manager

  • Amit Kulkarni


    Senior UX Analyst

  • Ammar

    SEO Manager

  • Anika


    Content Account Manager

  • Benjamin

    SEO Manager

  • people
  • david


    Paid Media Account Executive

  • Fadi

    CRO Manager

  • Fanni


  • Flow

    Senior UX Manager

  • Hakam

    Senior Developer

  • Graciela

    Analytics Manager

  • Helen

    Office Manager

  • nationalities
  • Kay Pee

    Kay Pee

    Finance Analyst

  • Lama

    Digital Marketing Associate SEO Manager

  • Laura

    Project Manager

  • Lin Al Jabri


    Senior SEO Executive

  • Lina

    Research & Usability Analyst

  • Marilou

    Office Clerk

  • Maekail Bawkher


    Search Executive

  • Meghna


    Senior UX Analyst

  • languages
  • Moyosore


    Paid Media Account Executive

  • Mufaddal

    Senior Developer

  • Muizz Yusuf


    Senior Analytics Specialist

  • Nasreen Mahamood


    Finance Analyst

  • Oliver

    Office Driver

  • Rana

    Research & Usability Manager

  • Rusnell

    Senior Design Specialist

  • Salam

    SEO Specialist

  • Tamas

    Lead UI Designer

  • Tiinamaija

    Project Director

  • Yara


    SEO Specialist