Local Search in the Middle East – Whitepaper

Local Search in the Middle East – Whitepaper
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Local Search has become one of the key strategies with┬Čin Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing. It involves analysis, practical application and measurement focused on achieving higher rankings in proximity-based search results. These are search results that take account of your geographical location.

Local Search holds enormous potential for businesses who want to attract new customers. If used to its full potential it can make a major contribution to the overall success of your business.

Our mission is to share our expertise on Local Search Optimisation specifically across the MENA Region, where local search strategies are not widely known about or practiced but can achieve excellent results.

By the end of the whitepaper, you will have explored all the key elements that need to be implemented to rank locally within your geographical area. If actioned correctly, these could make a significant contribution to the overall success of your business.

Key take aways

  • Conclusion on Local Search in Middle East Region
  • How to Optimise for Local Search?
  • Building Local Authority with Backlinks
  • Earning Citations & Reviews
  • Optimisation of on-page elements for key landing pages
  • Optimising Google MyBusiness Locations
  • Personalisation of Local Search elements
  • Local SEO Ranking Factors
  • Middle East - Local Search Rankings Factors
  • Why do we need Local Search?
Khushal Khan
Khushal is an experienced search engine optimization specialist with specialization in Link Building, Local Search and Technical SEO with a portfolio of clients in UAE & MENA region varying from Automotive, Travel, Finance & Real Estate industries.