It all began with a tenacious insight – “To do the right thing!” The core, founding principle which drove founders Amol Kadam & Devesh Mistry to create RBBi.

  • Amol

  • Devesh

RBBi opened its doors in 2012. Since inception, we always imagined RBBi to be a very different kind of an agency. An agency that truly puts end-users needs first. An agency that truly looks at the bigger picture in every project undertaken – how is this going to enhance the digital ecosystem around us? A people-first agency. A better place to work, which in turn translates to delivering better work for its clients.

We focus on value

RBBi focuses more on the quality of the work than the billable hours. RBBi strives to “partner” with the clients it works with – understanding the key driving business goals first, the clients’ key target audience and then crafts and weaves a digital experience which is not only aesthetically superior, but is also sustainable and functional.

The heart of RBBi has always been layered with essential usability and user experience principles and these values are reflected in every service arm of RBBi – from creative to performance, extending to research and analytics.